Without your help, we could not continue to do what we do; there is no deed too small. Our rescue is funded solely by contributions. Please help us continue to make a difference for as many of these forgotten pets as we can. We have many expenses, one of the most critical being veterinary care. Every dollar raised and item donated provides care, medical services, feeding, equipment and an opportunity for an animal to have a second chance and a happier life. Supporting Rescue Revive Rehome is one of the most direct ways to help save the lives of animals in need. We thank you very much for your donation and are extremely grateful for your generosity and support. 100% of financial donations goes to the care of our animals.

You can help our animals by making either a one off donation or set up a monthly donation by bank transfer or PayPal. Every penny goes towards helping our animals. Any amount is welcome!

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When a special person or loved pet passes away, you may look for ways to celebrate their life. There are many meaningful options for remembering a treasured dog, cat or other pet – or a cherished person who has passed. RRR offers ways to honour these loved ones.

Giving in memory is a wonderful way to do just that. Perhaps you’ve lost a special person who had a lifelong affection for animals. Or a beloved pet who made you glad for the companionship that animals give us. In either case giving a gift to RRR is, for many people, an uplifting and appropriate way to celebrate a life, while helping animals live lives free from cruelty and harm.

Whether your gift is in memory of a person or pet, you can take comfort from knowing that it will help keep their memory alive – by making sure we can be there for animals who need us.


In Memory Of Donation

When you remember a loved one with a memorial gift, your special message will be posted to the RRR Memorial page as a lasting tribute to their memory.


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If you’d rather provide supplies over a monetary donation, your generosity helps provide much-needed items for our pets. We appreciate donations of the supplies below to help keep our animals comfortable and healthy while they’re with us. Donations can be brought to 38a Harris Street, Te Puke, 3119 or pick-up can be arranged by contacting us.

Pet Food and Treats – A lot of our money goes towards buying food. Think about how many animals there are to feed there. You can really help us out by bringing in a few cans or bag of food. It goes a long way.

Flea/Worm Treatment – A lot of animals arrive often have fleas and/or worms.

Grooming Supplies – Grooming supplies can include shampoo, brushes, combs, haircutting scissors, etc.  Animals often come in dirty. Grooming supplies can keep them fresh, clean, and adoptable.

Collars, Harnesses, Leashes, Gentle Leaders – Dogs who are taken out on walks need a leash and collar or harness. We lose some because adopted dogs often go home with their leash or harness.

Dog/Cat Beds and Dog Houses – This can offer the animals a soft place to lay.

Food Bowls – As new animals come in, we need new places to put food. Having an adequate supply would really help.

Toys – It keeps the animals from being bored and allows them to get exercise. You could go out and buy new toys, or you could donate toys your pets or children may have not gotten much use out of.

Crates, Exercise Pens, Baby Gates, Carriers – Animals need to be transported somehow, and the cost of multiple crates and carriers can add up quickly. You can donate ones you stopped using that are still in good condition.

Towels, Sheets, Blankets, Rugs, Carpet Remnants – Animals like to have a blanket to curl up on. Towels are a big help to dry animals off after being bathed or if they come in wet. Towels can also be used to line the bottoms of cages. The towels or blankets don’t have to be brand new or in perfect condition. The animals won’t mind, as long as they’re usable.

Kitty Litter – Cats go to the bathroom a lot. We are constantly using bag after bag of litter. Their supply runs out fast.

Puppy/Kitten Formula and Nursing Bottles – Sometimes there are situations where a young puppy or kitten who is not weaned gets separated from their mother. In these situations they need puppy or kitten formula to survive.

Heating Pads – Many animals come in cold or are young and need warmth. Heating pads can replace a mother’s warmth.

Paper Towels – There are a lot of situations that get messy, so paper towels are a big help.

Cleaning Supplies, Mops, Brooms, Sponges – We use these every day and clean up supplies can get expensive.

Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Bleach – Towels and blankets get soiled often so the washing machines are being used a lot.

Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer – We need to keep our hands clean for our and the animals health.

Rubber and Latex Gloves – A lot of messy stuff happens and gloves are necessary to lessen the spread of germs.

Newspaper – You could help animals at no cost to you if you just save up your old newspapers. Newspapers are used in the bottoms of cages. They get soiled quickly, so they’re in constant demand.