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Canine Services

Specialising in Neo Natal and wound care along with multiple breeds we aim to reduce the huge amounts of neglected, abused and unwanted canines throughout the Bay of Plenty and wider NZ.

At present RRR Canine use a network of volunteers and fosters to aid in the rehabilitation and rehoming of the canines in care.


For years, the canine team has responded to the needs of dogs, puppies and the people who care about them.

In fact, we are often the first to be contacted and respond. With a small team of volunteers who lend unwavering support to canines, families, and neighborhoods. We provide outstanding field services, rehabilitation and care when ready rehoming services.

We also confront the root causes of cruelty and neglect of canines through advocacy aimed at educating and guiding communities to better support and protect them.


Every canine that comes into care goes through rehabilitation from hours old to geriatric, dependent on the requirements needed for each individual canine they are given the best care possible.

On intake every canine is given a full health check by our certified officers and our incredible partner veterinary clinics. Once our canines are deemed healthy, they are shifted to our adoption programme.

Our adoption program relies heavily on our amazing foster parents to love and care for our gorgeous dogs and puppies until adopted.

Supported by our team of volunteers and trainers they receive the best care possible.  Every one of our canines is regularly flea’d and wormed, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, registered both on NZCAR and with the local council.

When adopted you receive 6 weeks insurance, adoption pack which includes important information and a small amount of current food that your canine is on to give you time to transfer to your preferred food. We also provide after adoption support and guidance.

Community Engagement

Our adoption programme relies heavily on our amazing foster parents to love and care for our gorgeous dogs and puppies until adopted.

“Animals are the victims but People can be the solution.”

By inspiring and mobilising people, we are able to create collective impact that brings about change.

This is why community engagement is one of RRRs Core Values giving back to our community is a huge part of who we are

  • Raising Awareness
  • Engaging Volunteers
  • Proactive Outreach
  • Conscious Action
  • Humane Education

Community Spay/Neuter

The easiest way to prevent unwanted animals is by desexing our pets. RRR believes that desexing pets is essential to reduce the number of abandoned and abused canines. For people needing assistance, we can offer a reduced desexing rate to help you do that. 

A Community Services Card is required except in exceptional circumstances.

How We Determine Eligibility?

Eligibility is based on two key factors:

  • Targeted Post Codes: We track the areas in which the rescue has had the most canine intakes.
  • Low Income Areas: We want to provide this service for individuals and families who truly cannot afford it.